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Millennium Event!

Millennium EMS is not just synonymous with corporate events, employee engagement activities, celebrity events, conferences & offsite meetings, award shows but much more. Our team of event planners carries years of experience in organizing smashing hit events making Millennium top event Management Company in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. We endeavor to offer the best services to our clients and create lifetime memories for them.

Celebrity Engagement

 We hold years of experience in organizing smashing hit celebrity engagement events for our clients. Be it a product launch party, an inauguration event or a press release, our celebrity event planners caters to all the demands of a client and organize the event accordingly. Celebrity to be engaged whether for anchoring the event or as a chief guest, which will help to pull in media and...

International Event

Millennium Event holds years of expertise in organizing Business meetings, product launch parties, executive retreats, trade shows, conference and offsite meetings for its clients internationally. We understand client’s needs and then put forward the best services to make your business event a successful one. Our event planners constantly work to come up with interesting employee event ideas...



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